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Upcoming Free Fire Frostfire Hyperbook Event, Rewards and Prizes

Free Fire never fails to thrill with its exciting top-up events, and Garena keeps the excitement going with each new cycle. As the current Whac Top-Up event nears its end, a sneak peek of the next event has been leaked by the well-known data digger, @sawgaming_2.0. They recently shared a banner hinting at the upcoming Free Fire Frostfire Hyperbook event.

The Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up event is all about giving players a chance to grab the Frostfire Hyperbook, loaded with a variety of cool cosmetic items that can level up your game style.

Get ready for the Frostfire Hyperbook Top-Up event hitting Free Fire on December 8, 2023, as revealed on @sawgaming_2.0’s Instagram handle. This event will be available for the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers. Make sure you meet all the event’s requirements to score the Frostfire Hyperbook along with a special grenade skin.

free fire frostfire hyperbook event

Just like previous top-up events in Free Fire, players will need to purchase a specific amount of diamonds to unlock the associated rewards for free. The exact details will be unveiled once the event goes live.

  • Grenade – Frostfire Ignitor
  • Frostfire Hitter
  • Frostfire Cutie Backpack
  • Gloo Wall – Frostfire Keeper
  • Katana – Frostfire Echo AWM –
  • Frostfire Snip Frostfire’s Calling (emote)
  • Sparkling Frostfire Skywing

But wait, here’s the catch: While you’ll get the Frostfire Hyperbook, the fabulous cosmetic items won’t come for free. To snag them, players will need to flip through the pages sequentially by spending tokens, which, of course, will cost some precious diamonds.

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Excitement peaks as the event features four incredible items within the Hyperbook: Frostfire’s Calling, Shining Frostfire Skywing, Frostfire Doll Rucksack, and Katana – Frostfire Reverberation. Mark your calendars for December 8, 2023, as the event kicks off, and get ready to spend some diamonds for these cool additions to your collection.


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